Parkview Field in AFW Time-lapse

From July 3rd until July 6th, the AFW Time-lapse camera was at Parkview Field.

The camera captured the Fort Wayne Philharmonic concert, and three TinCaps games with the West Michigan Whitecaps.

The night before this video begins, on July 2nd, the TinCaps and City of Fort Wayne opened the field for World Cup FIFA fans to watch hometown player DaMarcus Beasley in action on the big video screen. This was the USA’s final game against Belgium. This night was not captured in the video. Attendance was estimated at 2,500.

The next night was July 3rd and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic gave their annual Patriotic Pops concert with the orchestra conducted by Sameer Patel. The concert was closed out by fireworks on the concourse. Attendance for the concert was estimated at 6,000.

July 4th saw the TinCaps faceoff against the West Michigan Whitecaps in the first game of a three-game series. It also marked the movement of the City’s 4th of July fireworks celebration from the IPFW campus to downtown. The attendance at this game was 9,182 (which was a new ballpark record breaking the old record set one game prior on June 26th of 9,015. Prior to this season, the TinCaps had never gone above 8,780 which was on July 4, 2013.) The TinCaps lost, 3-1.

July 5th was the second game in the West Michigan Whitecaps series and attendance was 7,327. The TinCaps also lost this game, 4-8.

The TinCaps lost the final game in the series by 1 run, 6-7. This game was the afternoon of the 6th at which attendance was 4,728.

Total attendance for the 2nd through the 6th was 29,737 – almost 30k!



AroundFortWayne would like to thank Josh Harper, sponsor of the AFW Time-lapse camera and acknowledge the assistance of Michael Limmer and the TinCaps.



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