Families invited back to school

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News release from the Fort Wayne Community Schools:

Families Invited Back to School

(August 14, 2014) – Schools are welcoming students and parents back to school over the next few weeks for the annual Back-to-School Nights. The events give families the opportunity to see where their children learn as they tour the schools, visit classrooms and meet teachers. This year, families will also get to see building improvements made over the summer as well as those still undergoing repairs.

Many schools also combine the evening with dinner, the annual flower show or the annual Title I meeting (for those schools required to hold such meetings). The elementary schools’ flower shows are the results of students’ hard work over the summer. In the spring, the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department provides seeds and materials for the planting project and students learn to develop a green thumb while caring for their flowers and plants.

For more information about your child’s Back-to-School Night, contact your school.

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