United Way’s Kindergarten Countdown program wraps up with a special day

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News release from the United Way of Allen County:

United Way’s Kindergarten Countdown Program Wraps Up with a Special Day for Parents

(July 31, 2014) – United Way of Allen County, in partnership with Community Transportation Network, East Allen County Schools and Fort Wayne Community Schools, is wrapping up Kindergarten Countdown this week. Kindergarten Countdown is a four week program aimed at helping kids prepare for school in the fall. Today, a parents’ day was held at all of the Kindergarten Countdown sites so the children could show off their new skills and their parents could learn how to help their children continue their academic success.

Kindergarten Countdown instructors and parents saw noticeable improvements in the students’ abilities to work together, adjust to structured class routines, recognize numbers and simple words, and write their names. The instructors are the same individuals who will teach kindergarten in the fall. Each instructor will have the same students from the program, added to the rest of their class, so they will be able to follow the continued progress of the students.

“I absolutely love the program! My son has really come out of his self and is so excited to go to full day kindergarten because of this program,” said a Kindergarten Countdown parent. “He has learned to read and is even better at writing since starting the program. I absolutely appreciate this program and hope it continues throughout the years to better prepare other children for kindergarten!”

Students who have little or no early childhood learning experience or who are limited English speakers were identified by the schools during kindergarten orientation in April and invited to participate in Kindergarten Countdown at no cost to the families. This year, Community Transportation Network provided transportation for East Allen County Schools’ students and meals for all sites were provided through the schools’ federally funded summer food program.

Kindergarten Countdown served approximately 146 students at six elementary schools this year, approximately three times the number of students helped last year. The ultimate goal of the program is to help children who have never been in a classroom to be better prepared when school officially begins in August.


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Established in 1922, United Way of Allen County is a not-for-profit organization that works to strengthen the community through the four building blocks for a good quality of life: education, income, health and basic needs. United Way believes that quality education helps families achieve stable jobs, a safe place to live and good health. For more information, please visit www.unitedwayallencounty.org.

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