More federal funds awarded to Ryan-Bruick Road project

Seal of the Board of Commissioners of the County of Allen

News release from the Allen County Public Information Office:

More Federal Funds Awarded to Ryan-Bruick Road Project
Total of $6.4 million to help cover construction costs

(June 20, 2014) — The Allen County Highway Department’s Ryan-Bruick Road construction project is receiving a double-dose of federal highway funds.

Representatives from the Indiana Department of Transportation appeared at today’s meeting of the Board of Commissioners and announced that another $3.2 million has been awarded to help improve the valuable northeast Allen County corridor.

Earlier this year, INDOT announced the initial awarding of $3.2 million in federal funds for construction of the project. INDOT administers the funds and the awards are contingent upon funding availability through appropriations by Congress.

The project will be done in two phases. The first phase proposes reconstruction of approximately one mile of Ryan Road between Dawkins and Harper Roads. The second phase would encompass the portion of Ryan Road which becomes Bruick Road between Harper Road and US Highway 24 to the north.

The Ryan Road-Bruick Road corridor has become a unique and valuable transportation route, particularly due to the recent relocation of US 24 which bisected many of the county routes and greatly reduced access to the new highway. The corridor provides access to both US 24 to the north and US 30 to the south, and crossings for both US 24 and the Maumee River.

The total cost of both phases of the project is estimated at $9.5 million. Preliminary engineering and right-of-way acquisition has already been undertaken over the full length from Dawkins Road to US 24. Construction is slated to begin in 2017.

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