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News release from Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control:

Celebrate June Adopt A Cat Month with $5 Adoption Fee

(June 4, 2014) – Animal Care & Control is celebrating June Adopt a Cat Month with $5 cat adoptions in an effort to place as many healthy, vaccinated, spayed and neutered cats as possible back into the community and into loving homes.

To ensure the program’s success, all feline adoptions will be subsidized through a special Animal Care & Control Commission Grant to allow the normal $65 cat adoption fee to be lowered to $5 from now through June 13th. All cats will be microchipped for identification.

According to FWACC spokesperson, “We are doing our best to save more lives while easing the up-front expenses of adding a pet to the family. We encourage the community to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity made possible through this special grant.”

Adopt-A-Cat Month® was created by American Humane in an effort to promote cat and kitten adoptions. Adopt-A-Cat Month is held annually in June, when shelters around the country are inundated with litters of kittens in desperate need of loving homes. The event encourages cat adoptions from shelters, promotes the benefits of owning a cat and informs the public about how to care for their pets responsibly.


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