Glowing eyes and dark places highlight Science Central’s summer traveling exhibition

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Glowing eyes and dark places highlight Science Central’s summer traveling exhibition, “In the Dark,” May 24th through September 7th

(May 15, 2014) – It may sound like the makings of a horror movie, with glowing eyes, creeping creatures, and things that go bump in the night. But Science Central’s latest traveling exhibition, “In The Dark,” created by the Cincinnati Museum Center, will actually demystify what happens when the sun goes does. The exhibition, opening on Saturday, May 24th, will be on display at Science Central through Sunday, September 7, 2014.

Visitors to the exhibition will explore different natural environments and the unique life forms that inhabit them through a combination of hands-on displays, walk-through dioramas, and fascinating specimens. Visitors will wander through a nocturnal forest past glowing mushrooms, and discover the amazing underground worlds beneath basement floors and backyards.

Fragile cave ecosystems provide a labyrinth of adventure, and visitors can “take the plunge” to explore the unique life forms found deep in the world’s oceans.

Finally, visitors will discover how darkness has intrigued and influenced humans for thousands of years, and how we can help preserve fragile worlds without light.

The exhibition will show visitors why animals have evolved to a nocturnal lifestyle or dark habitat, and the many ways they have adapted when it comes to finding food, avoiding predators, moving about, and making their homes. Visitors will learn how bats use sonar to locate prey, and how animals deep in the soil must use senses such as touch and smell to navigate.

“We’re very excited to bring “In The Dark” to Science Central,” said Martin S. Fisher, executive director of the popular science center. “This is a very high quality temporary exhibition that will help our visitors learn about a world that most people never get to see. This is a world-class display, and it is a ‘must see’ for summer visitors.”

Visiting the exhibition is free with the purchase of a paid admission to Science Central.


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