Borgmann announces Candidacy for Allen Superior Court, Civil Division

News release from the Elect Daniel J. Borgmann Committee:

Borgmann announces Candidacy for Allen Superior Court, Civil Division

(February 13, 2014) – Daniel J. Borgmann filed a Declaration of Candidacy for the Allen Superior Court, Civil Division on Friday, February 7, 2014.

Borgmann has been in private practice for 37 years in Allen County. He has been associated with Helmke Beams LLP for the last 25 years where he has been its Managing Partner for the last 9 years. His practice has focused on civil matters where he has represented individuals and governmental, educational, banking, insurance and small corporate entities.

Borgmann has acted as the Court appointed Mediator in more than 1,600 cases since 1998. He also serves as Pro Tem Judge and as a Special Judge when selected by other attorneys.

Borgmann said his candidacy is built on responsive resource allocation, independence, experience and judicial temperament.

“Responsive resource allocation is being responsive to a litigant’s needs by getting more out of the Allen Superior Court’s calendar, which is essentially the time that a judge has available to spend on a given matter,” Borgmann explained. “I have a plan for more efficient use of the Court’s calendar, and therefore the Judge’s time, without disrupting any current Judge’s calendar or adding any additional staff or expense.”

Borgmann added he will not seek nor accept financial campaign contributions, thereby ensuring his independence from outside interest.

“I believe my 37 years of experience representing both sides of litigation gives me the foundation to be an excellent Indiana trial court judge. Mediating more than 1,600 cases gives me insight into the need to respect and be courteous of all participants and to find alternative ways of resolving disputes. These qualities make me uniquely qualified for this position,” Borgmann said.

Borgmann is a fifth-generation resident of Allen County. He is married with three adult children.

The election for the Allen Superior Court judges is held on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. There is no primary election as this position is not based on a party designation.

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