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Philanthropy at work: Parkview Hospital & Affiliates Make Healing Arts a reality

(November 6, 2013) – Parkview Hospital & Affiliates today announced the launch of Parkview Healing Arts. Parkview Regional Medical Center and Parkview Hospital Randallia will lead development of this program aiming to integrate literary, movement, music and visual arts into patient care, healthcare facility design and aesthetics. Fort Wayne Dance Collective will provide services to Parkview for the coordination of the program.

Parkview Healing Arts is based on research that shows arts in a hospital setting have improved patient experience; improved physical, emotional and mental recovery of patients; decreased pain and anxiety medication use; and improved co-worker engagement and satisfaction.

“The data is clear. Arts can have a significant impact in the way care is provided to patients and the outcomes those patients experience,” said Sue Ehinger, president of Parkview Hospital and affiliates. “It’s an important part of our mission and healing arts influenced many components of Parkview Regional Medical Center. This investment into the Parkview Healing Arts program is an example of philanthropy at work. It will directly influence improved patient outcomes and we’re proud to be the leader in this region when it comes to delivering this modern approach to patient care.”

Parkview Healing Arts was funded through generous community donations in the form of sponsorship of the Murosity Project ® and community artwork displayed at the Parkview Regional Medical Center.

A total of 13 artists in residence will provide services for Parkview Healing Arts. Artists in residence will be assigned to different hospital units and will be responsible for engaging with patients, families and co-workers through visual arts, music, movement or literary arts.

“The Fort Wayne Dance Collective is very proud to be partnering with Parkview to provide patients and caregivers the healing power of the arts,” said Liz Monnier, artistic director, Fort Wayne Dance Collective. “Our organization has always valued the creative energy of each individual and we are grateful for this opportunity to spread our mission to those who need it the most.”

Additional information about Parkview Healing Arts including ways to support, can be found at

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