Aunt Millie’s to begin distribution of Hostess items

Hostess Aunt Millie's Bakeries

News release from Aunt Millie’s Bakeries:

Aunt Millie’s to begin distribution of Hostess items

(November 5, 2013) – Aunt Millie’s Bakeries has entered into a limited distribution agreement with Hostess Brands L.L.C. that will allow Aunt Millie’s to sell Hostess snack cakes including Twinkies, Ho Ho’s and Cup Cakes through our DSD route structure to convenience stores in certain markets including, Indiana; most of Illinois including Chicago; Milwaukee; and the northern parts of Kentucky; where Aunt Millie’s currently has distribution. The program will begin in early December.

Aunt Millie’s will also continue to distribute the Snack Planet line of sweet goods that the company launched in May.


About Aunt Millie’s Bakeries:
Aunt Millie’s Bakeries is a family-owned company headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana since 1901. The company produces Aunt Millie’s bread and bakery products and other brands, which are distributed throughout the Midwest. Aunt Millie’s Bakeries Website.

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