Seniors denied needed rehabilitation care

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Seniors Denied Needed Rehabilitation Care

(August 9, 2013) – Dorian Maples and Associates would like to share with northeast Indiana two recent press releases by the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Management with survey results of 315 aging experts concerning senior citizens being denied needed rehabilitation care.  This is due to the growing trend of “observation” visits being labeled for the patients at Medicare hospitals. Congress is currently involved in reviewing the laws in order to help change so seniors are not stuck with unexpected bills or not receiving the care they need. Seniors could see benefits from receiving help from doctors and care managers to avoid this trap while waiting on the laws to change.

  • Seniors Increasingly Victims of Medicare’s “Observation Status” Trap Says Survey of Aging Experts; Congress Considers Changes
  • HHS OIG Report and Care Manager Survey Show Need for Changes to Medicare Hospital “Observation Status” Rules To Assure Seniors’ Access to Needed Nursing Home Care

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