Fort Wayne Metals and Arden Companies reach three stars

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News release from the Northeast Indiana Sustainable Business Council:

Fort Wayne Metals and Arden Companies Reach Three Stars

(August 9, 2013) – For three years the Northeast Indiana Sustainable Business Council (NISBC), a nonprofit organization, has been working with businesses in the ten county region of Northeast Indiana on a program called Bright Green Business.

Businesses follow a prescriptive program increasing their work in sustainability to earn different levels of certification. This summer, two well known NISBC members and established Fort Wayne area businesses reached the highest level of certification at three stars. The NISBC awarded the certification to Fort Wayne Metals and Arden Companies for their work in pollution prevention, solid waste reduction, energy and water conservation, community outreach and employee wellness.

Fort Wayne Metals is one of a group of founding members of the NISBC and has led the way in the sustainability field by having an extensive recycling operation, great community outreach measures and continuous improvement processes for environmental and sustainability initiatives. The company engages their employees through various methods such as bringing in household items for recycling, hosting an on-site wellness advisor and offering a community garden where employees care for their own plots of land.

Arden Companies is well known for their outdoor patio cushions and umbrellas along with a dedication throughout the whole company to improving their work in sustainability. Arden has been a member of the NISBC since 2010 and has grown as a leader in sustainable business. They offer on-site food composting, re-use and repurpose many items in their facility, dedicated a car pool parking spot for employees and found ways to reduce the amount of energy used for their operations.

The NISBC offers its members networking and learning opportunities throughout Northeast Indiana and are dedicated to assisting their members reduce costs to benefit operations, employees and the environment. For more information about the NISBC, please visit


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