Parkview to hold decontamination drill

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News release from Parkview Hospital Randallia:

Parkview to hold decontamination drill

(July 25, 2013) – Parkview Hospital Randallia will participate in a decontamination simulation on Friday, July 26 at 10 a.m. The training simulation will be held in an inflatable decontamination tent on the State Boulevard side of the campus, near the Emergency Department entrance. Trained staff will practice “wet” decontamination using mannequins. The training simulation is an essential part of Parkview’s on-going preparedness efforts.

The decontamination drill will neither block entrances nor will it disrupt ambulance traffic. To avoid potentially interfering with patient activity or the simulation, media will not be allowed on the campus. Anyone interested in video should use the East State Boulevard/Leroy Avenue corner for optimal viewing opportunity.

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