IPFW announces cooperative effort with Consolidated Communications Partnership

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IPFW Announces Cooperative Effort with Consolidated Communications Partnership

(July 17, 2013) – Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) is pleased to announce a landmark agreement with the Fort Wayne and Allen County Consolidated Communications Partnership (CCP) has been adopted. This cooperative effort provides a one-stop service for students, faculty, and staff of the university as well as surrounding residents in that all public safety needs will be met by one centralized regional facility.

In January 2011 the former Allen County and City of Fort Wayne Communications centers consolidated to become one entity to better service the citizens of Allen County and the Public Safety Personnel that protect them. In early 2012 the Fort Wayne and Allen County Consolidated Communications Partnership started down the path of evaluating the needs of the community and the desire of public safety to provide a more proficient communications platform that created interoperability and redundancy while reducing duplication of resources where they are not truly needed.

“Building on the foundation of the long-term cooperative agreement that IPFW has with the City of Fort Wayne we felt that using the CCP as our dispatch service for the IPFW Police Department will strengthen the good working relationship that we already have with the Fort Wayne Police Department,” said Walt Branson, vice chancellor for financial affairs. “We look forward to a long-standing partnership between the two organizations with continual efforts being focused towards building bridges with the public safety agencies that surround the campus.”

Over the past several months as the university researched ways to reduce its operating cost to respond to a decreasing budget the concept of joining the CCP in their efforts to provide high quality communication became a reality. The partnership showcases IPFW’s desire to maintain the highest level safety for the campus community.

“As we look to the future of creating a Public Safety Hub that provides the highest level of community service, we focus on quicker responses of resources and public safety,” said Timothy Lee, executive director of CCP. “Through cooperation and consolidation we have raised the bar for others to follow. The Fort Wayne and Allen County Consolidated Communications Partnership focuses on community needs and the response mechanism to facilitate those needs.”

As part of the change in procedures, the campus 260-481-6911 number has been deactivated. The campus community will call 911 for any emergencies. There is no need to dial “9” before dialing 911 from campus. The only emergency number for the university, 911, will go directly to the Fort Wayne and Allen County Consolidated Communications Partnership (CCP) who will then dispatch IPFW police, Fort Wayne fire, and EMS as needed. It is anticipated that the response time to emergencies will be the same, if not quicker since 911 calls will not have to be transferred to campus for dispatching of university officers. Non-emergency calls to the IPFW Police Department should continue to be placed by calling the department central phone number 260-481-6827.

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