Triad total numbers for med disposal

Allen County TRIAD

News release from Allen County TRIAD:

Triad Total Numbers for Med Disposal

(May 29, 2013) – Allen County Sherriff Department, Fort Wayne Police, New Haven Police Department, and Indiana State Police, partnered with 14 Walgreen’s Drug Stores for Unwanted Medication Disposal Day on Friday, April 26, 2013.

We are proud to announce that 3,300 pounds of unwanted medication was collected during the event. This is the largest amount ever collected during a disposal. This brings the total to over 22,000 pounds collected since 2003.

Flushing unwanted or expired medications down the drain and throwing it in the trash introduces these drugs into the environment. Wastewater treatment facilities are not designed to remove pharmaceutical chemicals resulting in discharges into local streams and lakes. While the full effects of these waste chemicals has yet to be determined, studies show reproductive and developmental problems in fish and other aquatic wildlife living downstream of some wastewater treatment facilities.

In addition to environmental concerns, unwanted and expired medication can pose threats to human health. Pets and children can be poisoned from accidental ingestion of medicines thrown away in the trash. Some types of medications can be targeted by criminals increasing the danger of illegal use and theft. Protect your family, yourself and the environment by properly disposing of unwanted and expired medication.

For those unable to make the Walgreen’s collection dates, there are also ongoing collection sites (for pills only) at:

  • Indiana State Police Post (5811 Ellison Rd)
  • Allen County Sheriff (Huntertown Town Hall)
  • Fort Wayne Police (Rousseau Centre Building)
  • New Haven Police (815 Lincoln Highway East)

Our next Unwanted Medication disposal day will be held on September 27, 2013.

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