Appleseed Comic Con this weekend

2013 Appleseed Comic Con

News release from Appleseed Comic Con:

Appleseed Comic Con this weekend

Appleseed Comic Con is happening this Saturday at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne. Comic book fans new and old will be swarming the event, meeting creators, attending panels, and purchasing comics books, toys, games and more. The convention begins at 10 AM and the doors close at 6 PM. The 2013 guest list for Appleseed boasts over one hundred creators, and this year the event is featuring a living statue workshop sponsored by the Fort Wayne Downtown Improvement District. A kids costume contest will also be held on site. The regional event is one that is welcome to comic book fans of all ages and is intended to celebrate the art and craft of comic books, as well as the comics community.

The 2013 guest list boast creators like Lora Innes (The Dreamer), Paul Hornschmeir (Forlorn Funnies), Mike Norton (Spider-Man, Young Justice, Battlepug), Tom Scioli (Captain America: Hail Hydra, Godland), Dave Wachter (Godzilla), and Hilary Barta (The Simpsons, American Splendor, Hellboy, Batman, Fantastic Four, SpongeBob, Spider-Man). “We’re getting right down to the wire,” says Zack Kruse, founder and organizer of the event. “It’s these last few days before the show where I get the most nervous and the most excited. I really can’t wait for folks to get down here and celebrate comics with us.

Kruse encourages readers and non-readers alike to attend the event, assuring them that there is something for everyone. “Comics are such an amazing medium,” he says. “There is so much to see and explore, and when people get in the door, I am confident that they will be surprised by what they find. There’s just something wonderfully infectious about comics and the atmosphere of a convention like this one.”

“Fort Wayne has a long, and important history when it comes to comics,” says Kruse. “I’m just excited to be sharing something that I love with the community and building on a rich history.” That comic book history includes pivotal artist Denys Cowan and Man-Thing co-creator Gray Morrow. “Fort Wayne is a great place,” Kruse concludes. “I’m just excited to be here and be a part of amazing arts and geek community that we have.”

Sponsored by 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union, the Appleseed Comics and Art Convention will be held at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne on May 11 and admission to the event is $10.00. Children 12 and under will be admitted for free with a paid adult admission. Tickets are available at the door.

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