Sen. Banks: Principal Leadership Institute bill moves to Governor’s desk

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News release from Indiana State Senator Jim Banks (R-17th):

Sen. Banks: Principal Leadership Institute Bill Moves to Governor’s Desk

STATEHOUSE (April 25, 2013) – State Sen. Jim Banks’ (R-Columbia City) legislation to help strengthen public school principals’ leadership skills cleared the Senate and House of Representatives today. Senate Bill 402 now moves to the governor’s desk for final approval.

SB 402 creates the Principal Leadership Institute at Indiana State University to teach new leadership, management and communication techniques to public school principals. This includes training in conducting staff and teacher evaluations. Participants can apply these skills in their school environments in order to improve student and staff performance.

“One key to a successful school is an effective administrator,” Banks said. “Our state will now provide a resource for principals to get the up-to-date skills they need to become more capable leaders. In the long-run, this could create a stronger foundation for our schools, giving our students the best education possible.”

Indiana State University’s Executive Director of Government Relations, Greg Goode, said the school was grateful to have earned the state’s confidence to provide professional development for public school principals.

“We are very thankful for the bi-partisan effort led by Sens. Jim Banks, Dennis Kruse, Tim Skinner, Earline Rogers and Lindel Hume,” Goode said. “These folks have worked very hard throughout this legislative session to get SB 402 to this critical point, and we are honored to have introduced an issue that serves as common ground for both sides of the political aisle to support. This is good public policy for the state, and we are especially grateful to Sens. Banks and Kruse who got behind this effort, even before this legislative session began.”

Rep. Bob Heaton (R-Terre Haute) is the bill’s sponsor in the House of Representatives.

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