Celebrate Arbor Day and Spring with us today at the Urban Farm!

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News release from Catherine Kasper Place:

Celebrate Arbor Day and Spring with us today at the Urban Farm!

Join us today from 10am until noon, at our urban farm located at 2305 Slataper Street, Fort Wayne. The farm will be open for tours and everyone is invited to our tree planting in celebration of Arbor Day and Earth Week. Meet the farmers and learn how YOU can become a member of the farm!

We’ll also be hosting a drop-n-swap—anyone who brings us spare gardening tools, hoses, lumber or anything from our Wishlist can drop off these items and swap for a variety of herb, vegetable and flower seeds.

The farms is part of Catherine Kasper Place’s Fresh Food Initiative, which provides farm management training, land and supplies for refugees to grow culturally-appropriate foods for themselves and for market.

Farm wish list: post hole digger; veggie stakes, 3′ or longer; rebar, 3′ or longer; pvc piping; 6′ wooden posts; wire mesh fencing; hoses


Catherine Kasper Place, a ministry sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, builds and supports strategic alliances and ensures the availability of quality services and opportunities that advance the integration of immigrants, refugees and political asylees into the community of northeast Indiana.

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