Weed enforcement begins Monday, May 6th

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News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

April Showers Bring May…Weeds
Weed Enforcement Begins Monday, May 6

(April 26, 2013) – The City of Fort Wayne’s Neighborhood Code Enforcement Department will start enforcing weed and tall grass violations Monday, May 6. Weed complaints will also be accepted beginning May 6. The public should call 311 to report a possible violation where weeds or grass are at least nine inches tall.

The weed violation process includes the posting of a notice in the cited yard plus a letter sent by the City to the owner of record. Property owners then have five days to correct the violation. If the grass or weeds are not cut after that time, the City’s mowing contractor will cut the lawn, and the owner will be charged for the contractor’s work.

“Neighborhood Code Enforcement plays a critical role in maintaining the health and safety of our community,” said Cindy Joyner, deputy director for Neighborhood Code Enforcement. “It’s important to ensure that our neighborhoods are well-maintained and attractive in order to protect property values; the Weed Program is an important part of that effort.”

This year, the City has eight seasonal, part-time employees dedicated to weed violations. They inspect complaints and proactively identify violations. Five days after the initial posting, the mowing contractors check if property owners are in compliance and, if not, the contractors mow the yard and take date-stamped before and after photos.

Residents can report possible violations by calling 311 or by clicking on the 311 logo at www.cityoffortwayne.org. Individuals reporting a possible violation will need to have the property’s street address or specific location.


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