Allen County Highway Condition Update: 10:45 a.m.

Seal of the Board of Commissioners of the County of Allen

News release from the Allen County Highway Department:

Allen County Highway Condition Update: 10:45 a.m.

(April 19, 2013) – The Allen County Highway Department reports the following road conditions caused by high water:


  • Homestead Rd. between Ernst Rd. & US 24
  • Aboite Ctr. Rd. at W. Hamilton Rd.
  • Parrot Rd. between Hartzell Rd. & Riverhaven
  • Ellison Rd. between Liberty Mills Rd & Branstrator Rd.
  • Branstrator Rd. between Lwr. Huntington Rd. & Yohne Rd.
  • Wallen Rd. between Huguenard Rd. & Han Auer Rd.
  • Vandolah Rd. between Tonkel Rd. & Auburn Rd.
  • Carroll Rd. between Johnston Rd. & Ray Rd.
  • Bass Rd. between Hadley Rd. & Scott Rd.
  • Fogel Rd. between McComb Rd. & North County Line Rd.
  • Bryie Rd. between Wesley Chapel Rd. & SR 205
  • Wappus Rd. between Hathaway Rd. & Harvery Rd.


  • Ferguson Rd. between Thiele Rd. & Winchester Rd.
  • Monroeville Rd. near Trentman Rd.
  • W. Hamilton Rd. between Bass Rd. & SR 14
  • Ferguson Rd. between Bluffton Rd. & Thiele Rd.
  • Eggeman Rd.
  • Yoder Rd. east and west of Bluffton Rd.
  • Yoder Rd. east of Conners Rd. in the curve
  • Branstrator Rd. between Brindle Rd. & Yoder Rd.
  • W. Hamilton Rd. between Aboite Ctr. Rd. & US 24
  • Sampson Rd. between Hoffman Rd. & Maples Rd.
  • Brindle Rd. between Branstrator Rd. & Coverdale Rd.
  • Poe Rd. between S. Co. Line Rd. & Winchester Rd.
  • S. Co. Line Rd. between Morton Rd. & Poe Rd.
  • Webster Rd. between Edgerton Rd. & Harper Rd.
  • Prize St. between S. River Rd. & Waverly Dr.

The highway department reminds motorists that if they encounter a flooded roadway, be sure to “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.” According to the National Weather Service, most flash flooding deaths are vehicle related. Six inches of standing water is enough to cause passenger cars to stall and a foot of water will float many vehicles. Motorists should never drive through flooded roadways, especially if the water is moving rapidly, and never drive around the barriers warning you that the road is flooded.


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