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A community calendar item from InterCultural Interpretation Services:

Interpreting agencies are starting to require interpreters to have formal training and usually will not hire interpreters unless they have a minimum of 40 hours of training.

There is a demand now in Northeast Indiana for interpreters in all the languages, especially Spanish and Burmese, and this kind of a course helps prepare people to work as contractors. Also, many bi-lingual employees are being asked to interpret informally in doctors offices and hospitals and getting a 40 hour certification is very beneficial for them as well (legal liability issues).

Application deadline is 3/27/2013.


What: Medical Interpreter Workshop

When: Friday, April 12, 2013 through Saturday, May 3, 2013 or September 13, 2013 through October 5, 2013

Why: Interpreting is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing professions in the U.S.

New Language Access laws make professional training and certification critical.

A 40-hour training course is considered by many agencies to be the minimum educational threshold for interpreting.
The Community Interpreters Workshop is the first and only national 40-hour certificate program in community interpreting.

Who should attend:

  • Bilingual staff who interpret
  • Community interpreters who work in hospital and health departments
  • Interpreters in K-12 schools, law enforcement, and/or human and social services agencies.
  • Those interested in an exciting new career!

The workshops include information on:

  • The role of the interpreter and legal obligations of interpreters
  • National ethics and standards of practice for interpreters
  • Basic skills: modes of interpretation, pre-session and post- session preparation, introductions, positioning, register, strategies for intervention
  • Interpreter certification
  • Cultural Mediation
  • Medical terminology

Please contact Lourdes Williams at or by calling (260) 413-0690 to register. Application deadline March 27, 2013

Trainer: L. Lourdes Williams, Certified Medical Interpreter, and Licensed Interpreter Trainer


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