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News release from the Downtown Improvement District:

DID President announced

(January 22, 2013) – The board of directors for the Downtown Improvement District (DID) has named Bill Brown as the President of the organization. Brown was officially hired for the permanent position today and has been serving as Interim President since June. Coincidentally, the announcement was made on Brown’s birthday.

“It was important that the DID found someone who was passionate about making downtown Fort Wayne a vibrant place to live, work, and play,” said Zach Benedict, partner at Morrison Kattman Menze, Inc. and incoming Chairman of the DID Board of Directors. “We are excited about the enthusiasm Bill brings to the organization and the leadership he will provide.”

Brown brings over thirty-five years of business and community service to his new role as President of the Downtown Improvement District. During his time as Interim President he has focused on helping the downtown business community become more connected by forming the Downtown Business Club to build better relationships. In his business and community serving roles, Bill is a business-minded servant leader who believes adding value to citizens, entrepreneurs and business through facilitation and best practices and believes these are essential elements of a vibrant and economically strong downtown. As a life-long learner and believer in innovation, Bill brings his experience and community involvement to both the public and private sectors.


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