Joint statement of City Utilities and Aqua Indiana reps to City Council

City of Fort Wayne - Aqua Indiana logo
City of Fort Wayne – Aqua Indiana logo

Joint Statement of Fort Wayne City Utilities and Aqua Indiana representatives to Fort Wayne City Council – February 5, 2013:

On behalf of Aqua Indiana and Fort Wayne City Utilities, we would like to thank the members of the Fort Wayne Common Council for giving the people of this community the opportunity to comment on water service issues in southwest Fort Wayne during the January 22 public hearing, and for allowing our presentations on this matter to deferred.

With constructive discussions continuing between City Utilities and Aqua Indiana, it is the desire of both parties that Ordinance S-12-12-19 be placed on hold.

This action, pursuant to the endorsement of City Council, will allow our focus to remain solely on the good faith negotiations underway. It will also preserve all options in the event that these discussions prove not to be successful.

We want to assure City Council members that we are working diligently to resolve all issues and remain optimistic that a positive agreement can and will be reached. If and when a settlement is formalized, we look forward to presenting it in full to City Council and the public.

With the best interests of the entire community as our priority, we ask City Council to indefinitely hold the ordinance this evening. Thank you.

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