Medlink route partnership begins January 7th

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News release from Parkview Health and Citilink:

Medlink Route partnership begins January 7th

Parkview Health has agreed to underwrite the cost of providing a new public transit route that will serve northeast Fort Wayne and connect the Parkview Hospital Randallia and Parkview Regional Medical Center service areas.

Previous to this agreement, Citilink could not provide services beyond city limits, which Parkview Regional Medical Center was just beyond.

“We have been working closely with Citilink to explore ways to improve public transportation options,” said Sue Ehinger, president of Parkview Hospital and affiliates. “Parkview wants to ensure that patients and visitors have the appropriate access to medical services and facilities. Our decision to fund the new route will result in access that is greatly improved.”

Service will operate hourly Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. The route will not only connect the medical campuses but will also connect with Citilink routes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 21 as well as destination points along the Medlink route.

Passenger fares
will be consistent with Citilink’s current rate structure ($1.25/ride with discounts available).

“Parkview’s funding of the new route is crucial”, General Manager Ken Housden said, “because otherwise Citilink could not operate buses beyond our service territory.”

Until the start date of Jan. 7, Parkview will continue its temporary measures to assist bus passengers.

Please reference the attached map of the Medlink route. Additional information will be posted on the Citilink website as it becomes available.

Click here to download the Medlink Route map

Click the above image to download the Medlink Route map.

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