Miniature Donkey Foal born today at the Zoo

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News release from the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo:

Miniature Donkey Foal born today at the Zoo

A miniature donkey foal was born this morning at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in the Indiana Family Farm.

Miniature Donkey Foal born today at the Zoo. Courtesy image.

The female foal appears strong and healthy, and is already standing, walking, and nursing. She has even attempted tiny bursts of running in her stall.

The foal can be seen by zoo guests in the big red barn at the Indiana family Farm. The foal is housed with her mother, Naomi, and grandmother, Esther.

Miniature donkeys originated on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, and were brought ho the United States in 1929. Since then, they have become popular as companion animals. The zoo has exhibited miniature donkeys since 2001.


About the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo
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