FWPD AFIS upgrade

Fort Wayne Police Department

News release from the Fort Wayne Police Department:

Fort Wayne AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) Upgrade
Final Phase of Project Implemented – NEC Mobile IDcheck

The final phase, NEC Mobile IDcheck, in a four-phase project is presently being implemented at the City of Fort Wayne Police Department. The purchase of 130 Mobile IDcheck fingerprint readers and related software complete the project. A selected number of these devices have been distributed to other agencies and jurisdictions in the area that utilize the Fort Wayne AFIS database such as the Allen County Sheriff Department, the New Haven Police Department, and the Allen County Coroner’s Office. NEC Mobile IDcheck allows officers in remote locations, on the street, at crime scenes, or at check-points to scan, collect, forward and retrieve valuable information, including fingerprints, mug shots, demographic information and criminal history records over a wireless network. Immediate positive identification is possible from any remote location, and can result in significant time savings for investigating officers, and just as important, reduce repeated criminal acts by breaking the cycle of crime.

At this time, the City of Fort Wayne and South Bend, Indiana are the only two AFIS System locations in Northern/Northeastern Indiana with the potential of becoming regional databases.

MobileID check is the final phase in a four-phase AFIS upgrade project which was funded by a Justice Assistance Grant. Phase I began with contract signing, system design and fingerprint card electronic conversion. Phase II consisted of additional AFIS equipment and system maintenance. Phase III consisted of implementing palm print identification technology, and the network was completed. The wireless network allowed officers to upload to, and query the AFIS database from various locations throughout the city while providing seamless and enhanced automated field reporting capability.

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