Parkview Hospital Randallia providing vital services to community

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News release from Parkview Hospital:

Parkview Hospital Randallia providing vital services to community

(July 31, 2012) — Parkview officials today led a media tour inside Parkview Hospital Randallia to highlight renovations and changes in department locations that allow for an enhanced patient experience.

Officials emphasized the importance of private patient rooms as a key service now provided at the Randallia campus. The facility currently has 150 beds to care for patients. The private rooms enhance safety and quality for patients and families and increase efficiencies for physicians, nurses and staff. In addition, officials emphasized the importance of providing post-acute care needs as there is a demand for those services.

Parkview Hospital Randallia highlights:

[list type=”green”]
[li]Acute care – medical/surgical units[/li]
[li]Inpatient acute rehab[/li]
[li]Continuing care center[/li]
[li]Constant care unit[/li]
[li]Full-service, 24/7 emergency department[/li]
[li]Family birthing center[/li]
[li]Inpatient and outpatient imaging and lab services[/li]
[li]Endoscopy services[/li]
[li]Cardiopulmonary services[/li]
[li]Diabetes treatment center[/li[
[li]Wound care[/li]
[li]Sleep lab[/li]
[li]Outpatient rehab[/li]
[li]ATU clinic[/li]
[li]Parkview Physicians Group-Cardiology clinic for patient visits. Additional Parkview Physicians Group specialties will occupy clinic space in the near future.[/li]
[li]Senior services[/li]
[li]Hospice/palliative care[/li]

“We are so pleased with the community’s response to Parkview Hospital Randallia,” said Sue Ehinger, president of Parkview Regional Medical Center and Parkview Hospital Randallia. “Our facility is busy each day caring for patients, and we continue to see a lot of activity in and around the campus. We expect the activity levels to grow even more once additional programs are added as we move forward.”

In addition, Parkview and Vibra are finalizing details for Vibra to relocate its long-term acute care hospital to Randallia later this year. Vibra has a series of specialized programs and services focused on improving the lives and medical conditions of patients who require additional or extended acute medical care.

Parkview also plans to enhance landmark signage and update wayfinding signage in the coming months.

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