Commissioners officially ratify revised Declaration of Emergency

Allen County Board of Commissioners Seal

News release from the Allen County Board of Commissioners:

Commissioners Officially Ratify Revised Declaration of Emergency
Adds damage from June 29 storms to severe drought conditions

(July 9, 2012) — At a special meeting today, the Allen County Board of Commissioners officially ratified a revised state of emergency declaration as the next step in seeking state and federal aid due to damage from the high winds and severe weather on June 29.

The Commissioners had originally issued the declaration on July 2. But state law requires the state of emergency be ratified within seven days for it to remain in effect.

The June 29 storms caused widespread power outages and large amounts of debris requiring an immediate emergency response in order to protect the safety of residents and the continuity of local businesses.

The Commissioners’ emergency declaration states that “the damage inflicted by the storm will warrant a prolonged cleanup and recovery process to restore power, provide safe transportation, and remove any trees or debris that could further cause considerable hardship for the citizens of Allen County.”

An emergency order was issued by the Commissioners on June 15 for the severe dry weather and the threat it poses to the lives and property of county residents. As part of the order, a burn ban for the entire county remains in effect until further notice.


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