Headwaters Park Splash Pad to temporarily close

E-mail update from Geoff Paddock, director of the Headwaters Park Alliance:

Headwaters Park Splash Pad to temporarily close

The Headwaters Park Interactive Fountain (Splash Pad) will temporarily close early on Monday morning July 8. This is a yearly tradition, as it is the beginning of the rather intensive set up for the Three Rivers Festival. The festival starts in Headwaters Park on July 13.

The fountain should be back on sometime Friday July 13 and will be operational during the ten day festival. the fountain will again be temporarily shut off on Monday July 23 to allow for dismantling and tear down of the festival. It should be turned back on by Thursday July 26 for the remainder of the season. The fountain is usually winterized around mid October.

In addition, work crews continue to clean up debris and take down damaged and destroyed trees from the June 29 storm. Work was called off this afternoon, as temperatures are expected to climb past 100 degrees. Crews hope to finish most of the work by Sunday night.

The Headwaters Park Alliance will meet later this month to begin assessing the cost of clean up and the cost for replacing trees and concrete damaged or destroyed by the storm. Most of the cost involved in restoring the park is expected to come from private dollars raised by the Alliance.

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