Sections of City trail system damaged in storm

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News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Sections of City trail system damaged in storm
June 29th Severe Storm Causes Closures, Leaves Twigs and Branches on Paths

Trail users are urged to use caution when traveling along sections of the City’s trail system, damaged during Friday’s severe storm.

Trail users should be prepared to travel around the brush and large branches that were knocked onto the trails or those broken branches still suspended above the trail.

While some debris has been removed, the following obstructions remain:

On the Rivergreenway – Maumee Pathway, where the trail is blocked in the 700, 1000 and 1500 blocks of Edgewater Avenue; partially blocked in the 1800 block of Niagara Drive and completely blocked and boardwalk damaged between the North River Road Trailhead and Kreager Park.

On the Rivergreenway – St. Joe Boulevard Pathway, where the trail is blocked by downed trees and limbs near the intersection of Lake Avenue.

On the Rivergreenway – St. Joe Pathway in Shoaff Park, where the trail is blocked in south Shoaff Park, between East Shore Drive and the boardwalk. Trail users can get around the downed tree by walking/riding through the grass.

City crews will continue working to remove debris and fallen trees, until all trails are cleared; the process may take several weeks. For more information about trail system damage, go to

Mayor Tom Henry and City staff want to thank the volunteer Greenway Rangers and trail users, who have generously helped to remove limbs, branches and debris from the trails – even using saws to cut up fallen trees.

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