Burn Ban in Allen County extended by Commissioners

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Burn Ban in Allen County Extended by Commissioners
Fireworks exception made to allow for permitted displays

(June 22, 2012) — The Allen County Board of Commissioners today extended its emergency declaration and “burn ban” for the entire county for at least seven more days. But the board also made an exception that will allow public fireworks displays to take place during the ban.

The ban now says that “unpermitted igniting of fireworks” is a violation of the emergency order. Commissioner Nelson Peters said the permitting process on both the state and municipal levels helps insure that sufficient safety measures are in place for public fireworks displays.

The state of emergency was originally issued last Friday because of the continuing severe drought conditions. The Commissioners consulted with officials from the cities of Fort Wayne and New Haven, the County’s Department of Homeland Security, and members of the County Fire Chiefs Association.

Other activities banned as part of the order include:

[list type=”black”]
[li]Camp fires[/li]
[li]Bon fires[/li]
[li]Unpermitted controlled burns[/li]
[li]Burning of yard and household trash[/li]
[li]Burning of construction debris[/li]
[li]Burning of organic debris[/li]
[li]Discarding of unextinguished smoking materials of any kind on the ground or not within an enclosed fireproof receptaclep[/li]
[li]Non-commercial burning of material other than for religious or ceremonial purposes which is not contained in a barbecue grill and the total fuel area does not exceed 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.[/li]

Several of the activities listed are already prohibited or regulated either by state law or by the city of Fort Wayne within the city limits. Those prohibitions and regulations will remain in place after the emergency declaration expires.


Download a copy of the Burn Ban Declaration extension



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