City Utilities to assist Aqua southwest customers

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News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

City Utilities to Assist Aqua Southwest Customers
Temporary Water Connection Begins Tonight

Reaffirming his commitment that all Fort Wayne residents have access to a reliable supply of water for drinking and public safety protection, Mayor Tom Henry announced that beginning tonight, Fort Wayne City Utilities will be providing water to Aqua Indiana. This agreement will remain in place for as long as Aqua southwest customers need assistance.

“In times of need, we stand together. As a regional water provider, we have an obligation to make sure all Fort Wayne residents and nearby communities have water to meet their needs for public health and fire protection,” said Mayor Henry. City Utilities has ample water. The connections will supply Aqua and its customers with up to one million gallons a day during this difficult time.”

Under the plan, City Utilities’ water system will be connected to Aqua Indiana’s, allowing Aqua to route water to the areas in its system that need it most. This will relieve some of the demand on Aqua’s water production and storage facilities. An agreement to supply water will be in place until relief ends this moderate drought.

Assisting customers of Aqua Indiana will not diminish or threaten the supply for direct customers of City Utilities. The City’s reservoirs on the St. Joseph River are currently full and City Utilities water filtration plant and storage tanks are operating well, providing plenty of water to customers at a pressure that will support firefighting activities and typical household water use.

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