City and State officials join to bring Scott’s back

Fort Wayne, State of Indiana seals.

News release from the Fort Wayne City Council:

City and State officials join to bring Scott’s back
Surrounding neighborhoods want their unique store re-opened

Indiana State Representative Win Moses, D-81st and City Councilman Russ Jehl, R-2nd have joined forces with area neighborhood presidents and their associations in a letter of request to The Kroger Company to re-build the now-closed Scott’s grocery store at the corner of North Anthony Blvd and Crescent Ave. The store shut its doors recently when structural damage to the building was discovered. There has been no word from parent company Kroger as to the fate of the building and preservation of the much-used grocery service.

“The 4,000 property owners in these close-by neighborhoods have supported this grocery store through myriad incarnations over the past six decades. They rely on it as a friendly, walkable neighborhood store where they and employees are a family of sorts. They don’t want that to disappear. It’s a distinct and unique market that needs to remain,” said Jehl.

This is a somewhat rare display of coordinated support amongst neighborhoods and state and local elected officials to advocate for preserving this type of real estate, however, it speaks loudly about the feelings of its patrons. Along with Jehl and Moses, the presidents of Northside, North Anthony, New Kirkwood Park, Kirkwood Park, Forest Park Blvd and Frances Slocum neighborhood associations want to make sure The Kroger Company is well aware that they all want to continue their support of Scott’s at this location.

“We certainly hope that this large show of support will convince the good folks at Kroger Company to see how restoring this building and its service to these neighborhoods will be well worth their effort,” Moses stated. “Russ and I are willing to do all we can to help make this work.”

Representative Moses and Councilman Jehl have asked The Kroger Company to maintain communication with these active neighborhood associations throughout their decision-making process, and the elected officials offer their assistance in the process, as well.


Contents of the letter sent to Kroger:

June 14, 2012

John A. Elliott, Public Affairs Manager
The Kroger Company
5960 Castleway West Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46250

Dear Mr. Elliott,

We bring greetings from many loyal patrons of the Scott’s grocery at 3109 North Anthony Blvd in Fort Wayne, who eagerly await word about the re-building/re-opening of this vital store. We who write this letter speak for over 4,000 households that depend on the service provided by this grocery. A strong, stable mix of neighborhoods has created a unique identity that takes pride in cultivating and supporting the local businesses within their nearby community, an important one being this Scott’s grocery store. Scott’s has served this community since the 1950’s and stands as the oldest grocery in the city.

We respectfully request that you re-open this store to serve the neighborhoods who have faithfully patronized your facility, not only for its quality products but for the close ties the residents feel toward your employees. It is rare indeed to find the remnants of the “old neighborhood store” where families can still walk or bike for a basket of groceries. Each sub-market has its own identity based on the customers. We would appreciate your decision to restore the distinctive culture of this Scott’s store back to these neighborhoods.

Indiana State Representative Win Moses and I will do all that is possible to assist the Kroger Company in the restoration of this property. The residents are eager to continue their support of the store as they have for decades, giving it the distinction of being one of the highest selling stores per square foot in the community. Restoration or rebuilding, we ask that you find a way to keep this facility open for many years to come.

We also ask that you communicate directly with the neighborhood associations as you move toward a decision. These associations are well organized and highly engaged in what is happening in their community.

Very truly yours,

Russ Jehl, District Two
Fort Wayne City Council

Win Moses, District 81
Indiana State Representative

Cynthia Keller, President
Northside Neighborhood

Steve Morehead, President
North Anthony Neighborhood

Don Stevens, President
New Kirkwood Park Neighborhood

Ed Woenker, President
Kirkwood Park Neighborhood

Shawna Nicelley, President
Forest Park Blvd Neighborhood

Helene Evans, President
Frances Slocum Neighborhood

CC: John Rogers, the Rogers Company

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