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News release from Lutheran Hospital:

Lutheran Hospital Remodels Main Lobby to Synchronize Flow and Enhance Appearance
Main Entrance Temporarily Moved to South Lobby During Renovation

(June 13, 2012) – By Oct. 1, the main lobby of Lutheran Hospital will look strikingly different as it receives a significant, six-phase renovation. The $340,000 project creates a more efficient flow for patients and visitors while refreshing the lobby and creating a more open and healing environment.

“Removing some of the unnecessary columns and relocating the information desk closer to the registration area will help synchronize the natural flow in the main lobby area,” said Chris Lowden, facilities compliance coordinator, Lutheran Hospital. “Next steps will be more obvious and that puts people at ease. A patient- and family-friendly space is needed to help make patient and visitor experiences seamless start to finish.”

Beginning June 18, the hospital’s main entrance will close. Patients and visitors will be routed to the south lobby entrance and asked to use valet parking or park in the south parking garage wherein an enclosed walkway is available on the second level to enter at Medical Office Building 2 (MOB 2), 7910 W. Jefferson Blvd., adjacent to the hospital.

The information desk will temporarily relocate to the south lobby, and directional signs will be placed on campus and throughout the hospital to guide patients and visitors to the south lobby and then to their final destination inside the hospital. Temporary door numbers will be assigned to current entrances:

Door 2 – Medical Office Building 1 (MOB 1), 7900 W. Jefferson Blvd., (eastside entrance, blue canopy)

Door 3 – Lutheran Hospital south entrance (between MOB 1 and MOB 2)

Full valet services will be provided at Door 3 during construction. Valets will also be positioned at the hospital’s front entrance to redirect traffic to the south entrance and to assist patients who may benefit from parking in the hospital’s front lots, based on their destination and mobility level.

The Emergency Room entrance will remain open throughout the entire project.

The Tree House elevator will be closed for the duration of the construction.

The chapel will be closed during construction, but consult room 4, which is accessible from the Heart Pavilion lobby, will become a prayer and meditation room for patients, visitors and staff.

Day-to-day operations have not been affected during phase one, which began May 29.

In the lobby, five brick nonsupport columns will be removed to open up the space, the information desk will be relocated closer to the registration area and an additional registration booth will be added. Brick on the remaining columns will be removed and some walls will be painted. The ceramic tile will be replaced with the same terrazzo that is in the south lobby. The terrazzo consists of marble, quartz, granite and glass that is cured, ground and polished to create a smooth, patient-friendly surface for walkers and wheelchairs.

Lutheran Renovation Schedule

[li]Phase 1: May 29—June 14 – New volunteer lounge and registration booth[/li]
[li]Phases 2 and 3: June 18—Aug. 16 – Main lobby renovation and new information station[/li]
[li]Phase 4: Aug. 17—Aug. 30 – MOB 1 hallway finished[/li]
[li]Phase 5: Aug. 31—Sept. 18 – Front entrance and administration hallway finished[/li]
[li]Phase 6: Sept. 19—Sept. 28 – New carpet and registration base added[/li]

Volunteers will be available to escort patients during daytime hours. The information desk is staffed 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sundays. Free valet parking service runs from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Patients and visitors who use valet at the south circle and leave later than 7 p.m. should obtain vehicle keys from security located near the ER.

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