FWCS approves Principal positions for 2012-13

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News release from the Fort Wayne Community Schools:

FWCS Approves Principal Positions for 2012-13

The Fort Wayne Community Schools Board of School Trustees on Monday, June 11, approved several administrative changes for the 2012-13 school year.

Jana Ankenbruck, Harris Elementary Principal
Jana Ankenbruck joined FWCS in 2004 as principal of Arlington Elementary. She began her career in education at East Allen County Schools where she worked for 14 years. At Harris, she replaces Carolyn Sleet, who is retiring.

Jayson Balsley, Nebraska Elementary Principal
Jayson Balsley has been with FWCS since 2007, joining the district as assistant principal at Fairfield Elementary. In 2009, he became assistant principal of Franke Park Elementary, and for the 2010-11 school year, he served as assistant principal ofCroningerElementary. In 2011-12, he served as principal at Harrison Hill Elementary. He began his career in education as an elementary teacher in the Penn-Harris-Madison district and worked for nine years as a teacher and assistant principal inHouston,Texas. AtNebraska, he replaces Carrie Kennedy, who is moving to Croninger.

Rebecca Dennis, Haley Elementary Principal
Rebecca Dennis joined FWCS in 2008 as principal of Croninger Elementary. Prior to coming to FWCS, she worked for more than 21 years as an elementary school teacher inFlorida,OhioandIndianaand was a adjunct instructor atIvyTechCommunity CollegeinMarionfor six years. She also served as principal of Southern Wells Elementary School for two years and as principal of Triton Elementary School in Bourbon, Ind., for a year and a half before moving to FWCS. At Haley, she replaces Nathan Spicer, who is retiring.

Diane Dikeolakos, Arlington Elementary Principal
Diane Dikeolakos began her career in education as a language arts and social studies teacher at Memorial Park Middle School in 2002, a position she held until she became assistant principal at Fairfield Elementary in 2009. AtArlington, she replaces Jana Ankenbruck, who is moving to Harris.

Carrie Kennedy, Croninger Elementary Principal
Carrie Kennedy joined FWCS in 2001 as a math and science teacher atLaneMiddle School. During the 2008-09 school year, she served as an administrative intern atNebraskaElementary SchoolandMemorialParkMiddle School. During the 2009-10 school year, she served as principal at Pleasant Center Elementary and a year later, she returned toNebraskaas principal. Kennedy started her career in education as a seventh-grade science teacher at Indianapolis Public Schools and worked as a fifth-grade teacher for four years inMSDPikeTownship. At Croninger, she replaces Rebecca Dennis, who is moving to Haley Elementary.

Shawn Smiley, Harrison Hill Elementary Principal
Shawn Smiley began his career with FWCS in 2001 as a teacher atJeffersonMiddle School. In 2006-07, he served as an administrative intern at Adams Elementary and became the assistant principal at Haley Elementary in 2007-08. In 2008, he became principal of Shambaugh Elementary. At Harrison Hill, he replaces Jayson Balsley, who is moving to Nebraska Elementary.

Nicole Walker, Shambaugh Elementary Principal
Nicole Walker began her career in education in East Allen County Schools in 2005. After six years, she moved to FWCS where she became elementary assistant principal at Holland Elementary. At Shambaugh, she replaces Shawn Smiley, who is moving to Harrison Hill.

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