Crime Stoppers Alert

Fort Wayne Police Department

Alert from the Fort Wayne Police Department:

Crime Stoppers Alert

Over the past few days, the Fort Wayne Crime Stoppers Office has been flooded with telephone calls reference calls received by citizens of the City of Fort Wayne. Complainants are reporting that they have been contacted via an 800 number which appears on caller identification as ‘Crime Stoppers’. Complainants are further reporting that the caller is asking for information such as the address associated with the telephone number, and other information about the layout of their home. Greg Lewis of Crime Stoppers says, “At no time will Crime Stoppers contact anyone to inquire about their home address or to ask for any other personal information, nor will Crime Stoppers seek any monetary donations by way of a telephone call.”

Lewis believes the calls are being placed by a home security service seeking to sell their service and would like to make it clear that the calls are in no way associated with Crime Stoppers of Fort Wayne, Allen County.

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