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News release from the Allen County Treasurer:

Treasurer Tax Prize Drawing

Here’s a switch. The Allen County Treasurer is paying property tax. To promote the Treasurer’s online payment plan options and electronic billing, a drawing for $250 was held for everyone who signed up for one of these options by May 31 of this year. Thomas Hartnett was the lucky person chosen so his fall tax bill will be $250 less.

“We thought this would be a fun way to promote our pay plans and electronic billing” said Susan Orth, Allen County Treasurer. “We paid for this promotion with private sponsorship and as a result, we increased property enrollment in electronic billing over 20% and pay plans a combined average of over 23%.

Treasurer Orth went on to explain that every property that is signed up for electronic billing saves 78 cents in taxes. Likewise, pay plans save tax dollars because it is more efficient and cheaper to handle payments electronically rather than dealing with checks or cash.

Orth reported that 1,904 properties are on a spring/fall or monthly pay plan and 1,178 are receiving electronic billing.
“We’d love to see those numbers double, triple or go even higher” said Orth, “everyone wants lower taxes, well, here is a concrete way to positively affect the bottom line and any property owner with a computer and five minutes can do it.”

To learn more about payment options or electronic billing, visit the treasurer’s website at or call the Treasurer’s office at 260-449-7693.


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