Holland remembers Aliahna Lemmon

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News release from Fort Wayne Community Schools:

Holland Remembers Aliahna Lemmon

Students and staff at Holland Elementary School will gather at 10:30 a.m. Monday, June 4, in the school’s garden area to remember Aliahna Lemmon, who was tragically killed just before Christmas. Aliahna was a third-grader at Holland.

Since February, the school has raised money to create a memorial garden, which will include a variety of plantings that will provide color during the spring and fall. The school will also share other remembrances, including a boulder engraved with Aliahna’s name and a reading bench, that were donated by members of the community.

“It has been difficult for students and staff to deal with the tragedy that took Aliahna from us,” Holland Principal J. Michael Caywood said. “This memorial garden will remind us that Aliahna is still with us in spirit and remind us of the beauty of her short life.”

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