City workers address rain, snow and control flooding

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News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

City workers address rain, snow and control flooding

City of Fort Wayne workers will monitor river levels and weather conditions through the night to control flooding and battle the latest snow and rain events. Crews will monitor the rising river levels and salt and plow streets as needed.

As rain continues for a third day, the City is proactively taking steps to reduce or prevent flooding throughout Fort Wayne. City Utilities crews began placing pumps in low-lying areas Monday night and Tuesday.

The city currently has 15 pumps in operation in areas around the city that have historically experienced flood incidents. The pumps are placed in these areas to prevent sewage from backing up into homes, which can occur in various areas of the city when river levels are high.

An additional 14 pumps are being delivered to Fort Wayne today, in anticipation of continued flooding.

The low-lying area of Taylor Street at Henrietta has been closed due to flooding; a section of North River Road is also being closed due to flooding.

Residents are asked to remove leaves and debris from the storm drains on their street to prevent street flooding. Clearing the drains allows rainwater to flow properly into the storm sewer.

While leaf collection is still going on – and will continue through mid-December – the City Street Department is ready to deploy its snow plows and salt trucks, as needed.

As snow accumulates, motorists are urged to use caution and to allow extra driving time this evening and during the morning commute.

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