Republicans will hold on to th…

Republicans will hold on to their majority on the City Council


  1. I really don’t mean to bring a political comment to your blog-your views or any reader’s views are respectfully your own; however, that being said, the same old, same old for FW is a problem. At some point we need to realize the quality of life is decreasing in FW. By this I mean the vision, the spark, the want of anyone to actually hang out there.

    I am a FW native. Born and raised on the north, a property owner in the south. A couple of years ago I left for better employment and an actual chance to use my degrees. I, unfortunately, am still a home owner (landlord not by choice). I ended up to the south in Louisville, KY. I still come home on the weekends due to family and property needs.

    All of that being said, I recently was shocked to find my house in FW is worth half what it was in 1997 (when I puchased it). To make matters worse, the taxes have INCREASED in triplet. The opposite is true of Louisville (a once very comparable city). What I am trying to say is we REALLY need revitalization for FW. We need to look for ways to bring in excitement, interest, a real reason for ppl to move there or visit. Baseball was definitely not the answer. We need to make Fort Wayne “weird”!

    The problem is the GOV has not really changed. I personally don’t think the City Counsel cares about the city and they def do not care about our interests or roots.

    Personally, I wish I was still registered to vote there, but I had to be gainfully employed and have fallen in love with the quality of life in another city. I really wish I could come home, though.

    • Gina,

      I appreciate your comments and welcome them! I certainly share your frustration, especially after just experiencing one of the lowest voter turnouts in history with this last municipal election. Unfortunately, this last election didn’t provide the debate and discussion over the direction of our community – which should be the reason for them. Instead, it denigrated into a nit picking of facts and personalities. What alarmed me the most was a true examination of our City’s finances and practices and lack of vision among the candidates.

      We’ll always have room for you here!

  2. I just found this now. I share Gina’s thoughts and impressions on Fort Wayne. Fort Wayne has been sick with Rust Belt Fever for a long time. The city has been void of leadership for decades. I am hoping that some of the new and returning Conservatives on council will bring some life. My main thought, however, is we still have a “Rust Belt Majority” on Council.


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