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News release from Fort Wayne City Council candidate Geoff Paddock’s news conference earlier this week:

Geoff Paddock supports corridor improvements

Geoff Paddock, Democratic Candidate for City Council in the Fifth District, announced today he will work to secure public funding for corridor improvements to the district in an effort to improve the aesthetics of the area and to promote job growth.

“The advancement of public-private partnerships has been a major plank of my campaign,” Paddock said. “Headwaters Park is a perfect example of how the public sector can work with the private sector in improving a vast area of our city and promote beauty and economic development,” Paddock said of the downtown park and flood control project he has headed for years.

The Fairfield Corridor Project is another example of a partnership Paddock will support if elected on November 8. “The Packard Area Planning Alliance was formed several years ago. It is made up of representatives of several neighborhood associations who worked to develop a plan to make visually attractive infrastructure improvements to several blocks of Fairfield Avenue between Creighton Avenue and Rudisill Boulevard. This is the heart of the Fifth district. Public funds can be used to add curbs, improve sidewalks, add trees and lighting, and improve drainage,” Paddock said. “When the city steps in and works with neighborhood associations to improve infrastructure, we make the city more appealing for business investment and for private homeowners to improve their properties as well.” Paddock said.

The City Council candidate said such a partnership could improve the Fairfield Corridor and serve to encourage business investment in the area, thereby creating jobs. He said the work on the Wells Street Corridor, just north of the Saint Mary’s River and downtown, was another example of a public-private partnership that is improving neighborhoods and the quality of life in Fort Wayne.

“As a city Councilman, I will work to secure state and federal dollars through local Community and Economic Development Income Tax money and from federal Housing and Urban Development funds to continue with the facade grant program. I will also work with neighborhood associations to develop plans such as the Fairfield Corridor so we can improve our community and encourage business and homeowner investment.”

The Fairfield Corridor Plan estimates infrastructure improvements in the fifteen block area would cost just over $500,000. It would be implemented over a period of years, as public dollars become available. It is one of the most advanced corridor improvement plans currently being promoted by a neighborhood association or planning group.

Paddock was joined by several neighborhood and community leaders at the former site of the Humpty Dumpty Restaurant in the 3200 block of Fairfield Avenue. They support a continued public private partnership with the City of Fort Wayne to attract more business development and stabilize neighborhoods.






Judi Wire was also on hand to talk about a similar project completed two years ago on the Wells Street Corridor.




Download the proposed plans:
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