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E-mail from Occupy Fort Wayne:

Occupy Fort Wayne would like to publicly thank the people who rented the pavilion Saturday in an attempt to “force us out” We welcome the opportunity to move to a more visible and effective space. Thank you for lighting a fire under us and most of all thank you for helping to bring more awareness to our cause. When your day in the pavilion is finished, we welcome you to come and engage in meaningful conversation with us. We do not see you as enemies but rather as one facet of the 99% and you have a right to let your voice be heard as well. We invite you to stand with us and speak out against the corruption which is eating away at the system like a cancer. Let’s work together to find common ground, and work together to once again realize the promise of a government this is truly of the people by the people and for the people.

Most Sincerely,
Occupy Fort Wayne


  1. Occupy – How about we “get together” on Tuesday, November 8th when only 35% of “us” will take the time to vote for those who can (and should) fix the problem you seem to be concerned with. I suggest we need to have “meaningful actions”, not meaningful words! john b. kalb

  2. I plan to look into your org. And, as far as the commentor’s views, I respectfully need to add that I HAD to move out of FW because I had more opportunities and a better quality of life in another GROWING city (Louisville). I want to vote and change the system, make Fort Wayne worth occupying, but I also need to work and use degrees I paid for and other cities are offering what FW seems to not want to. Yes, they say jobs are increasing, but what about everything else? What about the fact are houses are now worth 50% less than original price (not inflated ones)? Yes, I think voting is important, but what if you want to come back to FW and can’t????


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