Guyott: Politics trumps facts in “Right to Work” committee report

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News release from the Indiana AFL-CIO:

Guyott: Politics trumps facts in “Right to Work” committee report
Republican dominated committee recommends legislature ‘consider’ union busting bill

(INDIANAPOLIS, October 26, 2011) – Following the Indiana General Assembly’s Interim Committee on Employment Issues decision to recommend that a falsely labeled “Right to Work” law be considered in 2012 legislative session, today Indiana State AFL-CIO President Nancy Guyott issued the following statement:

“While this outcome was not surprising, it is disappointing. This committee was made up of a majority of legislators who have either introduced “right to work” legislation in the past or publicly stated their support for it prior to the first hearing. Clearly their minds were made up before this process began and nothing, not even the facts or testimony from workers, small business owners or community leaders, would sway them from it.

Over the course of the four hearings it is important to note that those advocating passage of “right to work,” most of whom were not from Indiana, never presented a single concrete piece of evidence that would support their claims of economic salvation. Meanwhile, hundreds of Hoosiers, including workers, businesses owners, members of the clergy, community group members and locally elected officials came to the Statehouse to testify against this measure. In fact, many who came to testify against the measure were unable to do so due to the length of the hearing.

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