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Opening Statement from the Fort Wayne General Assembly:

1 Summit Square
Details to follow soon

Fort Wayne General Assembly opening statement:

If you are coming to be lead, you are the leader because we have no leaders here. You will be part of a process that will determine the course of this group. Your voice will be heard, and blended with other voices till together we create a single clear message and plan of action.

You are here to help in the birth of a movement, however beautiful, birth is also messy. We wont always agree, we wont always be as organized as we would like to but we will, in the end, create something that is a part of each and everyone of us.

We should be focused on the reasons that motivated us to look in anew direction. We should look for answers instead of searching for blame. We are not gathering for violence, We are a peaceful revolution armed with our minds and armored with our hearts.

We are not standing on the doorstep of America with our hands extended, we are not anti-American as some would have you believe. We ARE America and we demand equality, freedom, and justice, the very things guaranteed to us by our founding fathers. We are the heirs and custodians of the American dream who will no longer remain silent or asleep behind of the wheels steering this country. This is not about being on the left or the right it’s about finding a middle.
We are patriots, We are middle class, working class, poor, young and old, and disabled, American, heros, each and eveyone of you, who stand before corporate Golliath that has twisted the system to benefit only them selves at the expense of the American people.

We gather here because we no longer have a government that is “Of the people, by the people and for the people” but rather a government that has been bought and paid for by multi-national corporations. A government who no longer listens to us, and we are tired of being ignored.

We are the 99%
We are OCCUPY Fort Wayne.
We are not going away.


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  1. I will not be in attendance because wont is not the word for this inaction- since wont in English means something very different than this group intends to say in their statement – look it up in a dictionary (if any of you know what that is!)


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