Occupy Wall Street right here in Fort Wayne – 10/15/2011

Occupy Fort Wayne logo.

Occupy Wall Street is coming to Fort Wayne on October 15th.

Although an exact location is not given, ‘downtown’ is listed as the venue. The movement has a Fort Wayne website which you may access here and a Facebook page here.

There is an organizational meeting tomorrow at 5 pm:

Monday Meeting at The Union Hall at 1427 Broadway

It is important that you try to make this meeting we want everyone’s input. We are working on streaming this event live so that members who can’t be there in person can still be present.

This brings me to the next issue. Anyone with experience streaming live video online please contact Plutoseagle Ab Brand on Facebook. We would like to set it up that many people can view the video online live and be able to add their input to the meeting live.

We’re looking forward to hearing from everyone and working together to form and guide ‘Occupy Fort Wayne’. You opinion counts and we respect you ideas.


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  1. Stephen: Are you directly involved in this? If so, WHY? Misdirected efforts – should be an “Occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW in Washington DC” !!!

  2. I must say that both statements are very true and everyone responible should be held accountable. This, I hope, is just the beginning of the people’s voice. We are the people! We are the real corporation in this country and it’s time we make it known. The people have suffered and struggled long enough and now its time they know what the hard working people of this country are really going through!

  3. The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer has an event at Headwaters Park on Saturday October 15. While I support your cause, it is bad timing. I think something like this will be a distraction to a day that has been set aside to raise awareness about breast cancer. Seems a bit selfish to me.


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