AC Dem’s: Will Liz Brown use budget hearing to continue playing politics in the Clerk’s race?

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News release from the Allen County Democratic Party:

Will Liz Brown Use Budget Hearing to Continue Playing Politics in the Clerk’s Race?

Liz Brown may have badly lost her mayoral primary but she’s not gotten out of the elections business. She has spent the last 3 months promoting Zach Bonahoom at just about every council meeting. She’s repeatedly[1] attempted[2] to give the recent high school graduate a role in council meetings in an attempt to defeat long time City Clerk Sandy Kennedy.

The Clerk is coming before Council tonight to discuss her 2012 budget. Given Brown’s repeated support for Bonahoom one has to wonder if Brown will use the opportunity to score cheap political points.

“GOP Chairman Steve Shine was right when he said ‘Sandy is well known and well respected and does a fine job.'[3] Hopefully Liz Brown will show Kennedy the same respect tonight.” said Allen County Democratic Party Spokesman Kevin Knuth. “But if Brown goes after the Clerk, at least we’ll all know why she’s doing it.”

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