Shafer: Proposed City Council budget cuts

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News release from Democrat challenger in the Fort Wayne City Council’s 1st District, Steve Shafer:

Unemployment, a bad economy, foreclosures and property tax caps have put a large hit on revenues for City government in Fort Wayne. Budget discussions will start soon and City Council will be looking for ways to cut expenses. They should start with their own budget. I purpose the following measures to decrease their budget:

  1. Their salaries be reduced to one dollar
  2. A per diem of $100.00 for each meeting attended

Politicians are preaching that the people must make sacrifices, well,  why not our City Council. They should make the sacrifice and forgo their salaries until the economy improves. The proposal I am suggesting could save as much as $144,000.00.

If a member of City Council can use $30,000.00 of his personal money in his campaign, then maybe he does not need his salary on City Council. I urge City Council to “bite the bullet” and make these changes in their budget. If not, I will introduce an amendment to [cut] the Salary Ordinance when I am elected. Further cuts could come from other benefits Council members receive.

I am retired and able to live on my pension funds. I am not running for City Council for the salary, but to serve my community and the citizens of Fort Wayne.


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