Henry campaign: Yet again Hughes gets the facts wrong

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News release from the Henry for Mayor campaign:

Yet again Hughes gets the facts wrong

If you’re running for mayor of the City of Fort Wayne you should probably know your jurisdiction, or at least what county the City of Fort Wayne is in. The city limits of Fort Wayne include only a portion of Allen County, and do not include Whitley or Wells County at all.

Paula Hughes apparently thinks she’s running for Mayor of Whitley, Wells and all of Allen County. In trying to attack the Mayor, Hughes overstates the number of jobs lost by 550% by using data that covers Allen, Whitley, and Wells Counties — even though she’s repeatedly been shown the correct City of Fort Wayne data.

Apparently thinking the three county data wasn’t misleading enough, she also uses data from two months before Mayor Henry was even sworn into office on January 1st of 2008.

“Paula Hughes is overstating the number of jobs lost because she’s running away from her own record: raising taxes on businesses that create jobs,” said Henry for Mayor campaign manager Justin Schall. “Just because it’s legal for Hughes to lie in her television ads doesn’t mean she should. It’s become clear that Hughes can’t be trusted to engage in an honest and open conversation about Fort Wayne’s future.”

Using the data from Wells, Whitley and all of Allen County is the equivalent of holding the Governor of Indiana accountable for the economy of Chicago or Cincinnati because they are “close” to Indiana, yet outside the Governor’s jurisdiction.

Why is Hughes so blatantly ignoring the real data about the City of Fort Wayne? Maybe it’s because using her own logic, Allen County lost 11,469 jobs during her watch on County Council.

The Henry campaign continues to urge Paula Hughes to change her ad and be honest with the people of Fort Wayne.


Webmaster’s note: The U.S. Government Bureau of Labor Statistics data for the city of Fort Wayne, the Metropolitan Area (Allen, Whitley and Wells counties — the geographic area that Hughes is using according to the Henry campaign), and for Allen county were attached to the email and are provided here by following the links.


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