Guido: Real solutions for investing in Fort Wayne’s future – not political gimmicks

News release from the George Guido campaign:

Real Solutions for investing in Fort Wayne’s Future – Not Political Gimmicks
George Guido releases plan to use the light lease funds for job creation and economic growth.

City Council At-Large candidate George Guido unveiled his proposal for the city’s light lease fund. “It’s time to think ‘outside the box’ and start proposing plans and initiatives that will reinvigorate our City with true economic growth and development. We are a progressive and innovative community,” said Guido.

Guido proposed using part of the city light lease funds to help businesses create jobs and grow Fort Wayne’s economy, leveraging a unique opportunity to give Fort Wayne a competitive advantage over every other community in the Midwest.

“Some city council candidates want to squander this opportunity and spend the light lease money to pay everyday city bills and expenses. This is fiscally irresponsible. My plan calls for a re-investment of funds in businesses through low interest loans and grants. Local businesses are the back bone of our economy. They face constant struggles for funding. It’s time we help them by engaging in a public-private partnership proposal that is destined for success,” said Guido.

In particular, Guido stressed using the light lease funds for a tax freezes would not be successful in creating jobs For example, property tax caps would have saved a business owner with $100,000 worth of property $35 last year. If they had $1 million in property it would have saved them $353 – an inadequate amount to truly spur job creation.

“We cannot be paralyzed with fear of failure; rather we must live up to our great heritage as innovators. As a City Councilmen, I promise to propose initiatives for job creation and economic development by investing in Fort Wayne. I believe it’s time we start discussing real financial solutions and stop playing political games with our future.”

Guido’s plan calls for allocating a portion of the light lease funds to incentivize job creation and economic growth. This will support our local economy and build upon the city’s sound fiscal foundation. Investing these funds will allow for a return on investment and secure opportunities for future reinvestments back into the community. Guido also said, “we cannot allow for irresponsible spending and political gimmicks that will not result in true economic development. We have a real opportunity to give back to the community by investing millions, rather than on an empty proposal for minimal tax savings that is simply designed to garner votes. What city council needs is new ideas and new leadership, not politics as usual.”


Video from today’s news conference


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