Lugar emphasizes jobs creating agenda missed by the Obama Administration

News release from US Senator Dick Lugar:

Lugar emphasizes jobs creating agenda missed by the Obama Administration

“The past two-and-a-half years of the Obama Administration have been a lost opportunity leading to lost hope for millions of job seekers, homeowners and families trying to grow their paychecks and create better lives for their families,” U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar said, reiterating the jobs plan he has been promoting.

“Dynamic job-creating economic growth comes from the private sector. This should be the core of our recovery plan not more debt-increasing government spending.

“The United States needs a total reform of the tax code. Replacing the income tax and IRS with the FairTax on final sale of goods and services would achieve dynamic job creating economic growth through greater savings, investment and stimulating a climate for business development and employment. The transparent FairTax is easier and cheaper to collect. Individuals who currently pay almost no federal taxes, including foreign tourists, illegal aliens and criminals, would also now pay federal taxes. Tax reform needs to go hand-in-hand with spending cuts and passage of the Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“We can eliminate many government regulations that constrict business growth and attractiveness of the United States for investment in job creating enterprises,” Lugar continued.

“We desperately need tort reform to clear the economic dampening from nuisance lawsuits.

“When we elect a Republican President we will repeal ObamaCare and foster ways to cut burdensome and still burgeoning health care costs.

“We need to encourage states and educational institutions to increase job training and educational opportunities that improve skills needed for the local job market and attract new employers.

“We need trade advocacy that is far more aggressive than this White House has provided. Increasing U.S. exports would be one of the fastest ways to get the economy moving upward,” Lugar said.

Since the beginning of the Obama Administration, unemployment has increased by 2 million, up to 14 million people. The federal debt has increased a remarkable 39 percent, from $10.6 trillion to $14.7 trillion. On August 23rd, the Administration said it would cut red tape by $10 billion over five years. Yet in July and August 2011, the Administration added 1,225 regulations with a price tag of $17.7 billion (Source: The Federal Register).

In July 2009 Lugar said that President Obama, instead of focusing his presidency on his health care plan and financial regulation, should have focused “each day on restoration of jobs, strengthening of housing opportunities, new growth in small business and large industries, and banks that are not only solvent but confident of normal lending. In essence, the task facing national leadership is truly monumental. A national and international recession has not ended and many economists predict that unemployment in the United States will grow in coming months.”

Lugar continued that the President’s success would be defined by “bringing a horrendous economic recession to an end, bringing new strength to our economy, and providing vital leadership in international relations as we hope to bring conflicts under control and in some cases, to conclusion.”


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