Mayor Henry forms Professional Services Study Committee, invites City Council participation

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News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Mayor Henry Forms Professional Services Study Committee, Invites City Council Participation

In response to the ongoing conversation about how to best select professional services for the City of Fort Wayne, Mayor Tom Henry called for the formation of a committee to thoughtfully study the issue and develop best-practice recommendations for inclusion in the proposed ordinance.

“To maintain the City’s high quality services, at times we engage professional expertise that saves us money in the long run,” said Mayor Henry. “We tap into the talent only when we need it. We do more with less. So when it comes to selecting those professionals we want an open, qualifications-based process that gets us the best value at the fairest price.”

Mayor Henry has selected Councilmen Tom Didier and Tim Pape to co-chair the committee. The five member committee will also include three members of the administration with strong knowledge in this area.

The co-chairs will determine the timeline for the committee’s work.


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